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Other great anime games are also able to join in the fun with a few minor changes. Gen 4, Rainbow Dash and Twilight are each looking for a special someone. My Little Pony is a wonderful show, but.. Only available on New Zealand and Australia for now. The new My Little Pony Horse Kingdom is on its way. [ Read more ]List of roads in Viljandi County This is a list of all main roads in Viljandi County, Estonia. Village roads Communal roads Other roads See also Roads in Estonia Transport in Estonia References Category:Roads in Estonia Viljandi RoadsThe present invention relates generally to the display of information and, more specifically, to a method and apparatus for displaying critical information. One of the challenges that has been consistently faced by consumers is the difficulty of knowing whether a product is suitable for a particular application. Consumers have traditionally resorted to reviewing product literature, asking other users of the product, and other techniques for determining whether the product is suitable for a particular application. While such techniques are useful, they require the consumer to have the product in his or her possession and be able to make a determination whether the product is suitable. It is for this reason that many consumers are unaware of the suitability of the product until the product has been purchased and applied. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that many products today are comprised of multiple component parts. Many existing products, as an example, are comprised of several individual components. For instance, a consumer may purchase a product that includes a door for installation in a car. The product may include the door, a bracket, a washer and a lock. Unfortunately, the consumer must read the product literature of each component, and may even have to ask other consumers about the suitability of the particular product. In other cases, the manufacturer may include critical information on the packaging of the product. However, this information may be in a form that is not readily discernable and may not be immediately available to the consumer. This problem is especially acute for products that are assembled or that are incorporated into more complex assemblies. One method that has been employed in the past to indicate whether a product is suitable for a particular application has been to place the product in the package itself. For example, if the product is an automobile, the manufacturer may place the product in a cardboard package that includes the product name and/or model number. By indicating the




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